Anthology of Writings

M³ releases The Art Of Being True: M³ Anthology of Essays, edited by Jordannah Elizabeth,  the first of a rare archive of writings that takes control of the narrative with regard to the work of underrepresented musicians. 

We wanted to create an archive of writings that takes control of the narrative with regards to underrepresented musicians. We envision it as a legacy for future generations in which authorship and power shifts towards women and non binary musicians, while decentering white patriarchy in music,” M³ founders Jen Shyu and Sara Serpa

Women in jazz and creative music fight through the disparity of representation, and it takes bravery to work in such a medium and male-dominated realm. This anthology is a testament that art must prevail within the prison of others’ perceptions.” Jordannah Elizabeth, the founder of Publik / Private / Mutual Mentorship for Musicians’ Editor-in-Chief

From essays and poetry on creative expression, composition, mentoring, artistic statements, to personal experiences in music, grief, motherhood, mental health, and fertility treatment, the M³ Anthology of Essays reveals an extraordinary inner world that has largely been ignored and diminished in the music field, one in which non-male voices are powerful creators, listeners and critics.   

It features contributions by the M³ Summer Solstice 2020 Cohort members, all composer-performers: Romarna Campbell (UK), drums: Caroline Davis (NYC), saxophone; Eden Girma (US / UK), voice, multi-instrumentalist; Val Jeanty (Haiti / NYC), percussion, electronics, turntablist; Maya Keren (Philadelphia), piano; Erica Lindsay (Rosendale, NY), tenor sax; Lesley Mok (NYC), drums; Tomeka Reid (Chicago / NYC), cello; Sara Serpa (Portugal / NYC), voice; Jen Shyu (NYC/East Timor), voice, multi-instrumentalist; Anjna Swaminathan (Brooklyn), violinist, vocalist, multidisciplinary theatre artist; and Sumi Tonooka (Philadelphia), piano.

Read the M³ Anthology of Writings here.

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