M³ DEEPER DIVES: Toward gender liberation in the Community

Toward gender liberation in the Community
Moderator: Kavita Shah
Panelists: Caroline Davis, Shanta Nurullah, Sara Serpa, Jen Shyu, Fay Victor, Anjna Swaminathan

The Community
Conversations around the gendered and hierarchical nature of jazz/creative musical environments have opened up significantly in the past decade. This track will focus on the different relationships that exist in the music community with an emphasis on accountability. We will ask the following questions: How do we see each other? What are the spaces that we move through and how do we show up in rehearsals, gigs, hangs, travel, etc.? What behaviors do we see as appropriate or inappropriate? In an industry that naturally blurs the line between the personal and the professional, what power do we have to enact change while maintaining the integrity of what makes this music great?