How it works

How does M³ – Mutual Mentorship for Musicians work?


Each season starts with the solstice and lasts 6 months, culminating with a collaborative performance. 

Each season features 12 nominated musicians, randomly paired by name-draw at the first meeting, so that each person is paired with someone with whom they haven’t collaborated before. 


Meetings are held online if in-person is not possible. The total meetings for each musician is 18 meetings that are at least 2 hours long: 12 group meetings and at least 6 duo meetings within the 6 months.

At the group meetings, musicians discuss relevant issues affecting their work and lives.  In the duo meetings, each pair of musicians meets online to create a work together. 

All meetings are confidential and everyone signs an agreement that they commit to the initiative and the final performance. 

Collaborative Performance

The musicians agree on a performance date (virtual or live, depending on global circumstances), to occur at the end of the season. Each pair’s performance of the work should last around 10 minutes.

The performance of each of the 6 pairs’ works will be followed by a Q&A with the audience after each pair (with the total time lasting about an hour).

Each musician who participates receives $750 USD for creating the duo collaborative work.

For promotional purposes, each pair of musicians will record an interview of each other about their collaboration to be shared on social media, etc. ahead of the final performance. 

Each cohort member should be available for press opportunities/interviews.

M³ Anthology

Each musician who participates will be invited to contribute with an essay/writing/poem for that season’s M³ Anthology of Essays, edited by M³ Editor-in-Chief, Jordannah Elizabeth.


Each group nominates the next group and facilitates the next group’s first meeting.