Our Mission

Our Mission

M³ (Mutual Mentorship for Musicians) was created in the spring of 2020 to empower and elevate musicians of historically underrepresented gender identities in the US and worldwide (including musicians otherwise underrepresented on the basis of race, sexuality, or ability across generations) through a new model of mentorship and an ongoing performance series of new collaborative commissions.  With the aim of building new paradigms of mentorship, M³ celebrates a wide network of artists, providing a think tank for new ways to connect, collaborate, support and create.

M³ encourages: 

Reciprocal intergenerational exchange of knowledge and experience

Formation of new collaborations with musicians outside of one’s inner circle, fostering a creative global network

Cultivation of new practices, ideas and formats for solo and collaborative performance, both live and/or virtual

Building alternative structures with artists at the helm

Expansion of an artist’s creative skill set 

Publication of written articles as part of our legacy

Our History

From our experience, it is still a challenge for many musicians to have access to meaningful and respectful mentorship in the music and arts worlds, especially for underrepresented groups. The statistics show that the musical education, curation and publication paradigm still relies on a very unbalanced male dominance, in which hierarchies are heavily defined. This environment has provided fertile ground for abuse of power in the past, not supporting aspiring and promising musicians, while erasing the contribution of older generations of womxns musicians.  

With M³, we hope to create a new paradigm for mentorship, in which musicians and music writers connect, support, create together, through collaboration, respect and empathy.