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M³ FESTIVAL: JUNE 16, 17, 18, 21, 22 IN NYC

M³ will stage 19 live performances and six brand new duo commissions at their inaugural in-person festival, co-presented with NYC Winter Jazzfest. The concerts will feature musicians including Fay Victor, Val-Inc aka Val Jeanty SoundChemist, Shanta NurullahMichele Rosewoman, Monnette Sudler, Malika Zarra, Sumi Tonooka, Erica Lindsay, Caroline DavisJen Shyu & Sara Serpa and many more. The M³ Festival aims to normalize and give visibility to women and non-binary musicians in the jazz and creative music industries. The 19 bandleaders were members of M³’s first two cohorts — Summer Solstice 2020 and Winter Solstice 2020.

Thursday, June 16

  • 6pm Camila Nebbia’s La permanencia de los ecos – Hamburg/Argentina
  • 7:15pm Malika Zarra quintet – Paris, France
  • 8:30pm Michele Rosewoman’s Textured Trio – NYC
  • 9:45pm Maya Keren’s Careful In the Sun – NYC11pm
  • Lesley Mok’s The Living Collection – NYC

Friday, June 17

  • 6pm Jen Shyu’s Zero Grasses: Ritual for the Losses (excerpts) – NYC
  • 7:15pm Miriam Elhajli – Brooklyn, NY
  • 8:30pm Monnette Sudler – Philadelphia, PA
  • 9:45pm Caroline Davis’ Portals – Brooklyn, NY 
  • 11pm Romarna Campbell Showcase – London, UK

Saturday, June 18

Tuesday, June 21

  • 6pm Shanta Nurullah’s Sitarsys – Chicago
  • 7:15pm Sumi Tonooka – Philadelphia, PA
  • 8:30pm Sara Serpa – NYC/Lisbon
  • 9:45pm Alchemy Sound Project: Erica Lindsay’s Meditation on Transformation – Rosendale, NY
  • 11pm Rémèd: Val-Inc aka Val Jeanty SoundChemist – Haiti/Boston

M³ Closing Night Gala: June 22 at 6pm ET

M³ will present its first Gala, hosted by music critic Kyla Marshell, presenting the inaugural M³ Lifetime Achievement Award to Shanta Nurullah, who will receive a $5,000 unrestricted award in honor of their past and future work. This award fills a gap that exists in honoring elder women in the jazz and creative music scene, whose musical contributions have been invisibilized due to racism and misogyny.

The evening will also feature the world premieres of its 4th Cohort’s duo commissions by: