Mutual Mentorship for Musicians

building new paradigms of mentorship

Mutual Mentorship for Musicians () is a platform created to empower, elevate, normalize and give visibility to musicians of historically underrepresented gender identities (including cis women, trans women, trans men and non-binary) in intersection with race, sexuality, or ability across generations in the US and worldwide, through a radical model of mentorship and musical collaborative commissions.

M³ releases M³ Anthology of Writings – Once An Island, Now An Ocean Vol. 3 & 4 (180 pages, color photos) edited by Sara Serpa and Jen Shyu, with the support of Kyla Marshell and Naomi Extra as Development Editors.  The second of an exciting archive of writings that takes control of the narrative with regard to the work of underrepresented musicians.

We are so proud to continue this publication, as we truly believe it provides another kind of far-reaching support for those reading around the world. We believe these writings normalize conversations that are oftentimes only whispered amongst ourselves and might keep someone who feels marginalized from giving up. As Shanta Nurullah said later in her Lifetime Achievement Award speech, “This is why M³ is so important. This is why you have to keep on doing this thing, and you have to keep on breaking down doors and creating situations for yourself and other women. Just don’t give up.”

Now online! Announcing the publication of the M³ Anthology of Writing Vol.5, with contributions by Krissy Bergmark, Aline Frazão, Jessica Jones, Tara Kannangara,Gwen Laster, Rosángela Isabel Pérez Molero, Naomi Nakanishi, Dafna Naphtali, CC Sunchild, Zeynep Toraman, Ni Made Ayu Dwi Sattvitri, Kavita Shah.

We are so excited to introduce you to our Fall Equinox 2023 Cohort 6:
Sibongile Buda – bass (South Africa)
Andrea Demarcus – upright bass, voice (Georgia)
Melanie Dyer – viola (New York) 
Natalie Greffel – voice, bass (Germany) 
Maia aka Sonjia Hubert Harper – voice, fl., picc., harp, vib., percussion (California) 
Naomi McCarroll-Butler – saxophone, clarinet, instrument maker (Canada)
Shoko Nagai – piano, accordion, electronics (Japan) 
Francesca Naibo – guitar, voice (Italy) 
Martha Redbone – voice (New York))
Nath Rodrigues – voice, violin, berimbau, mandolin, percussion (Brasil) 
Marta Sanchez – piano (Spain)
Sharon Udoh – piano, voice (Illinois)