Mutual Mentorship for Musicians (M³) Festival: Duo World Premieres & Conversations

Join us in experiencing six world premieres born from the new initiative Mutual Mentorship for Musicians (M³), a revolutionary model of mentorship created in March and launched in June 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Hosted by M³ Editor-in-Chief Jordannah Elizabeth, each premiere will be followed by a Q&A with the audience about its creative process.

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Watch M³ Summer Solstice 2020 World Premieres Concert (Part 1):

4:48: Val Jeanty + Romarna Campbell – Drum Melody
17:30: Caroline Davis + Maya Keren – Among Us Is Misery Enough
36:59: Sumi Tonooka + Jen Shyu – Mother, Skin, Name, Mother

Watch M³ Summer Solstice 2020 World Premieres Concert (Part 2):

6:07: Lesley Mok  + Tomeka Reid  – but I forced to mind my vision of a sky
27:42:Sara Serpa + Erica Lindsay – Sand & Instability | Aqua
50:03:Anjna Swaminathan + Eden Girma – connections hold inherent limitations

After nearly six months working together as part of the Mutual Mentorship for Musicians (M³) initiative, the project’s inaugural group of artists reconvenes virtually for the world premieres of their new, collaborative M³ commissions on Sunday, December 6 at 7:00 p.m. ET and Saturday, December 12 at 7:00 p.m. ET via the National Jazz Museum in Harlem.

Hosted by M³ Editor-in-Chief Jordannah Elizabeth, each premiere will be followed by a Q&A with the artists, who will answer questions from the audience about their creative process. The performances are streamed via Zoom and may be accessed for free with RSVP.

M³ launched in spring 2020 with 12 participating musicians: Romarna Campbell (UK), drums; Caroline Davis (New York), saxophone; Eden Girma, (US / UK), voice, multi-instrumentalist; Val Jeanty (Haiti / New York City), percussion, electronics, turntables; Maya Keren (Philadelphia), piano; Erica Lindsay (Rosendale, NY), tenor sax; Lesley Mok (New York City), drums; Tomeka Reid (Chicago / New York City), cello; Sara Serpa (Portugal / New York City), voice; Jen Shyu (New York City / East Timor), voice, multi-instrumentalist; Anjna Swaminathan (Brooklyn), violin, voice, multi-disciplinary theatre artist; and Sumi Tonooka (Philadelphia), piano.

The works to be premiered were created by pairs of the above musicians:

  • Romarna Campbell + Val Jeanty
  • Caroline Davis + Maya Keren
  • Jen Shyu + Sumi Tonooka
    (works on December 6)
  • Eden Girma + Anjna Swaminathan
  • Erica Lindsay + Sara Serpa
  • Lesley Mok + Tomeka Reid
    (works on December 12)