Mutual Mentorship for Musicians

building new paradigms of mentorship

6PM: CN – La Permanencia de los Ecos

CN is a saxophone player, composer, improviser and multidisciplinary artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina based in Hamburg, Germany. Her artistic practice and work reflect the constant creation of new sounds and visual landscapes, exploring the relationship between different forms of composition, free improvisation and mixed media. Memory and identity are the main resonances of her work.

La permanencia de los ecos (The Permanence of Echoes), will be premiering the homonymous piece composed by CN, performed by her quartet, driven by the conceptual idea of the trace left by absence, delving into the connection between written music, poetry and free improvisation.

7.15PM: Malika Zarra

Award-winning singer, composer, producer, MALIKA ZARRA is a multi- cultural shape-shifter,
an enchantress who leaps effortlessly between seemingly unconnected languages and traditions, uniting
them while utilizing each to further enrich the others. The exotically beautiful artist with the velvety,
sinuous mezzo-soprano voice has demonstrated a rare ability to communicate both powerful and subtle
ideas and feelings in Berber, Moroccan Arabic, French and English.

Zarra crosses musical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries with ease, creating a delicious sound centered in but not bounded by her ethnicity.” – Soundroots

8.30PM: Michele Rosewoman

Pianist/composer/educator Michele Rosewoman expands the horizons of jazz while remaining firmly rooted in tradition.  A fearless bandleader and mentor, many have cited Rosewoman as an indelible influence on their artistic development.  She’s presented her various ensembles at festivals/concert halls/clubs & universities throughout the world. With numerous recordings as leader, her long-standing Quintessence ensemble has consistently brought together the most inventive voices in jazz and her New Yor-Uba ensemble (1983 debut at NYC’s Public Theater) presents an uncompromised synthesis of contemporary jazz and traditional Cuban folkloric music, uniting master musicians from both worlds.  She’s performed with many renowned New York-based jazz and Latin artists and her innovative projects have received great critical acclaim (Latin Jazz Grammy Winner, #1 and #3 NPR recordings of the year)  and numerous prestigious grants  (NEA, ASCAP/Meet the Composer, CMA, South Arts).

No other pianist-composer in jazz brings the music of the African diaspora together quite like Michele Rosewoman. Simply put, she’s one of the most creative and fully realized jazz artists on the scene today.”  CD NOW

9.45PM: Maya Keren

Maya Keren is a pianist, vocalist, composer, and songwriter from Philadelphia. They are interested in the process of environing people, voices, instruments, and sounds in ways that invite connection with one’s erotic instinct, embody compassionate and queer relations with the self and the collective, and destabilize learned systems of domination.

11PM: Lesley Mok

Interested in the ways social conditions shape our beings, Lesley’s work focuses on transposing, augmenting, and overacting humanness to explore ideas about normalcy, alienness, and privilege. She explores this by writing in a way that subverts traditional instrumental roles, often utilizing extreme ranges and unconventional timbres, while creating a context that allows for simultaneously different musical perspectives. 

The Living Collection is a 10-piece electroacoustic ensemble that explores the individual and collective subconscious, oftentimes by creating fantastical and evocative sound worlds through the use of dissonance.